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Fake soldier dating scammers

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Since then he’s found more than 120 fake Facebook profiles that combine his photographs with false identities.

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Aldrich — a cybersecurity airman stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas — discovered in March that a scammer had obtained photos posted before 2014, when his Facebook profile was less secure.There’s also a danger that servicemembers might be drawn into compromising situations through online scams that could be exploited by foreign-intelligence services, he said.“It is important to continuously train all personnel in good cyber hygiene,” Allenby said.So when you have someone asking you to fill out a form for them to go on leave, it is fake.Also, we have no Soldiers stationed in Nigeria, all Soldiers deployed will have a military address that starts with APO- for Army Post Office or Air Force Post Office or FPO - Fleet Post Office for Navy and Marine Corps.We get more than a dozen of these emails from women daily, mostly older women who believe they are truly American Soldiers.

This has turned into a multi-million dollar a year business for them, they are good at it, and people fall for it everyday.

The con artist, apparently based in the United Arab Emirates, used the images to create a fake account in the name of “Fred Aldrich,” then posed as a U. airman to woo women overseas and trick them into sending money.

Online military romance scams are so commonplace that military officials have posted warnings to civilians not to fall for them. CID receives hundreds of allegations a month from victims of people they met online who claimed to be soldiers, according to a warning on the CID website.

Facebook has thousands upon thousands of these fake profiles, and they are easy to pick out.

I am not sure why they aren't doing more to combat it.

They befriend them using stolen photos of American Soldiers, some are even using photos of our KIAs.