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Facts and statistics on online dating

This perception is probably a remnant of an early stigma attached to online dating.

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Our research going back 5 years has been a witness and scribe as the internet dating world has transformed. If you have interesting facts, figures, charts, facts or other online dating statistics please send them to [email protected]Dating Website Find Singles Near You for FREE For over 3 years we've offered the most up-to date discount codes and free trials. We will be adding to this on a regular and ongoing basis.Observers are split on their attitudes and perceptions toward online dating.According to a article, the idea that people who use online dating sites are "desperate" is wrong.If you've tried online dating, you've got lots of company. The online dating market has grown fiercely competitive.

In March 2015, 49.25 million people had tried online dating in the U. Let's find out how popular online dating is, who's doing it, why they're doing it, and how people feel about it. According to , over 2,500 online dating services are based in the United States, with roughly 8,000 competitors worldwide.

Consider, an online dating industry pioneer. Around that time, only 14 percent of American adults were internet users.

Today, about 95 percent of Americans, or 304.1 million people, are online, and many are surfing the Web for dates and mates.

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Now updated for 2017 Disclosure: Dating Website now offers free dating sites across more than 120 interests.

About 1,000 new online dating services open each year. As Internet usage has grown, so, too, has online dating.