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I just thought that the religion was harming people through over-reaching interference. He told me that Facebook pulled the plug on a vital Ex JW resource with basically no warning and little explanation; “Facebook just gave a broad statement saying it broke one or more of its terms of service.

A religious group able to enforce blasphemy law and silence critics, with Facebook complicit in the act.Thankfully, Avoid JW has been able to set up a new group, with the collaboration of fellow activists at JWAwake, so his hard work and activism can continue on the social medial site.Nonetheless, the entire incident is very disturbing.The appeals process gave no transparency as to the source of the complaint, and no indication if Facebook was acting of its own accord or in response to complaints from a third party.Avoid JW, however, says he is fairly certain of what prompted this event: We are the top ranking ex JW site in searches according to Alexa.Moving on, I asked about the circumstances leading up to the ban. It seems that an appeal to common sense should have resolved this issue, but what options are open to a Facebook group once they have been shut down without notice? We’ll take another look.” That’s as much of an “appeal” that you get.

Avoid JW explained his experience as follows; The “appeal process” is a joke. So you hit the “appeal” button at the bottom of the warning. Astonishingly, in their appeal review, Facebook confirmed the original decision to shut the page down over accusations of “Hate Speech.

After years of climbing the popularity ladder, Facebook went public in 2012.

The company was started by Mark Zuckerberg, but the corporate headquarters is home to all Facebook employees as well as the entire executive team.

The company started in 2004 with access to college students.

By 2005, high school students started using Facebook with the company opening the doors to the public in 2006.

If people can do a search online for a JW publication and arrive at Avoid JW, this is a huge problem for Watchtower. Do a search for Alexa on JW org and you’ll find that they even wrote an article about how well they are ranking on there. However I can confirm that Watchtower do pay attention to ex JW sites like Avoid JW and JW Survey.