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He thereupon sent it to Kitor in the land of Sheba with a letter attached to its wing commanding its queen to come to him as a subject.

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Most of these riddles are simply Bible questions, some not of a very edifying character.The tale of her visit to King Solomon has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic, and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient.) came to Jerusalem "with a very great retinue, with camels bearing spices, and very much gold, and precious stones" (I Kings 10:2)."Never again came such an abundance of spices" (; II Chron. She came "to prove him with hard questions," which Solomon answered to her satisfaction. they are mentioned together: "the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts".But im sure there are beatiful women there, just like there are beatiful women everywhere.The Queen of Sheba is a Biblical and Quranic figure.that's because MOST africans (doesn't matter what region they come from) are taught to stay clear of AA's. otherwise...u won't have much success :( I'm a black man and I have dated an Ethiopian women. She was very pretty, but a little too young for me. So, many of my fellow ma brothers [and beyond] always can relate to me on this and share even more of this type of situation, and even worse, since most don't resemble Ethiopians, as they say I do.

She didn't go after me until she saw me talking too long to this Spanish store clerk in a seven eleven. African women will not date American black men because of your rep.

She always thought I looked Arab, so she probably didn't think I was African-American. It seemed like all I had to do was touch her, and she was pregnant. in disrespecting your own women and the worship of white women; plus African women prefer to remain loyal within our own group and don't even date other Africans.

The white guy kept looking around, because he was insecure to be with a black women, even though whe was not from here.

Sheba was quite known in the classical world, and its country was called Arabia Felix. The ancient Sabaic Awwām Temple, known in folklore as Maḥram (the Sanctuary of) Bilqīs, was recently excavated by archaeologists, but no trace of Queen of Sheba has been discovered so far in the many inscriptions found there.

There are five places in the Bible where the writer distinguishes Sheba (שׁבא), i. The mystical interpretation of the Canticles, which was felt of supplying a literal basis for the speculations of the allegorists, makes its first appearance in Origen, who wrote a voluminous commentary on the Canticles.

Also AA men have bad reps so they don't want to mingle like that.if your rich then maybe Key word "internet".