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Ed and jaclyn still dating

Attempts to convince CBS to move the show to the later time slot failed.The Bradys was the last TV series for Robert Reed prior to his death in 1992.

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Jan and husband Philip are attempting to get pregnant.In 1988, CBS commissioned a Brady Bunch reunion telefilm for their Christmas season programming.A Very Brady Christmas premiered on December 18, 1988 and drew a then-season high 25.1 rating and 39 share for a television film.Poor reviews and low ratings led to the hiatus and quiet cancellation of the series after six episodes.At the time, it was thought that the audience was simply unwilling to accept the sitcom characters in a more dramatic setting.I was 15, I thought it was exciting, we get to go on the world famous Freewinds.‘The recruiters would not leave me alone, I spent hours in their office while my mother did courses, they’d made me read all about the Sea Org and why it’s so important, the world is in crisis, how you are needed to save it, it was total indoctrination.'It got heavier and heavier during the week, they’d follow me everywhere. I eventually said I’d sign a contract to say that when I finished my ballet career, I’d join the Sea Org.

It’s a billion-year contract, it’s ridiculous.‘But, once I signed it, they came on hard, they said I had to come as soon as possible. They brought in Commanding Officers to say I’d never make it as a dancer, you’ll never change the world, screaming at me, I was in trauma.'As a 15-year-old, it was confusing and overwhelming.

Bobby, now a race car driver, makes it to the Nashville 500 where he is in a serious car-wreck and paralyzed from the waist down.

Marcia and husband Wally (who has lost another job) and their kids, are living with Mike and Carol.

Despite the more downbeat tone, the show did feature a laugh track at certain moments.

The show was put on hiatus with plans to continue sometime later in the year.

Airing on Friday nights, The Bradys failed in the ratings against the night-leading TGIF lineup on ABC and was cancelled after one month, with the last of six produced episodes airing on March 9, 1990.