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In addition, confirm the Listing Rules Template has the Max Qty To List set higher than 0.

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If this is an error on the product, please modify the pricing so that the Cost Price is actually lower than the price you’ve assigned in the Listing Rules Template, on the Field Mapping tab.If your description (or e Bay Design Template) contains Java Script commands .cookie, cookie() or replace(), they will need to be removed.Category Mapping and find the category your product is assigned to.Open the product and go to the List To e Bay section. For instructions on category mapping, see our in depth article. For a list of which e Bay categories allow variations, check out this e Bay article, Which categories can have listings with variations? To do this in Neto, follow the steps to update your site data. If your category does not support variations, you will need to choose a different category or list the child products individually.Click on the link to the Listing Rules Template under Active e Bay Listings. Click on the Categorisation & Listing Rules tab and in the Categorisation section, check the setting for Use category mapping? If you want to use the shipping rates table in e Bay, follow the steps in our e Bay rates table shipping to configure it correctly.When adding or revising a listing to e Bay, you may get an warning or error message.

A warning message will not prevent your listing from being added or revised.

If you have a Google Map or You Tube video embedded in your product description (or e Bay Design Template), both use the IFRAME tag.

The workaround for a You Tube video is to use the old embed code.

An error may prevent a new listing or will stop a revision. Click on the link to the Listing Rules Template under Active e Bay Listings.

Select the Shipping tab and scroll down to the Domestic Shipping section.

In the Services, if you have selected Calculated by e Bay, you will need to select the e Bay shipping service from the dropdown menu. Make sure the Qty In Stock for this product is a positive number, or if don’t need to count stock for this product, you can set it as a virtual product.