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Your ability to consider issues from an international perspective will be greatly enhanced and you will learn how to conduct research and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.With developed skills in critical reasoning, independent thinking and application of theoretical concepts you will be strongly placed to find employment in international organisations, particularly careers which cross international boundaries and use languages.

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You are encouraged to develop and pursue your own interests by choosing optional modules from within three pathways: Language and Literature Social Science History Your third year is spent abroad.An indicative guide to the structure of this programme, year by year.We have dedicated resources for language teaching, including technological support through computer-aided language learning facilities, video and DVD materials, and the Internet.In each year of your degree you will take a number of individual modules, normally valued at 0.5 or 1.0 credits, adding up to a total of 4.0 credits for the year.Modules are assessed in the academic year in which they are taken.This will not only bring the language and culture you are studying to life, but also strengthen your resourcefulness and self-reliance.

You will normally spend this year studying at a university in your chosen country, but alternatives, such as work placements, may be possible.

D3, D3, M1 - D3, M1, M1 in three Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects AAB-ABB at Advanced Highers (or AA at Advanced Higher and BBB at Higher - AB at Advanced Higher and BBB at Higher) Successful completion of the WBQ Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate plus 2 GCE A-Levels at grades AAB-ABB.

The Undergraduate Preparatory Certificates (UPCs) are intensive one-year foundation courses for international students of high academic potential who are aiming to gain access to undergraduate degree programmes at UCL and other top UK universities.

Career prospects are likely to include finance, media, diplomacy, education, translation, research, and consultancy.

Please see first destinations of recent graduates (2013-2015) from related SSEES programmes at UCL for a selection of representative careers.

The methods we will use to teach and assess you are varied, to ensure that they are best suited to the knowledge and skills being imparted or measured.