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Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating pages

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STEP 7 Define Editable Regions Before your template will be of much use, you need to insert editable regions to identify the areas of the template that you’ll want to change in any pages that you create from the template.In this example, the photo was selected and made into an editable region, then the caption underneath the photo was made into an editable region, as well.

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Then, you only need to download these handful of files that have changed on the server insteadall 190 pages every time you make a change or change.(You’ll find more detailed instructions for defining a site in Dreamweaver at 2 Create a New Template and Set Page Properties Choose File New and in the New Document window, choose the General tab.Choose Template Page from the Category list, HTML Template from the Template Page section, and click Create.By changing the template, you can automatically update all of the pages created from the template.This can save hours of work when the inevitable happens—you or one of your clients realizes that an element on every page of the design needs to change.For those who have forgotten what the field title, please refer to the picture below, taken from Chapter 1.

You will need to remember to change this title field whenever you create a new page for your model, or all of your web pages will have the same title.

Because I used very simple WYSIWYG Web builder 5.5, I'm not so good with HTML and CSS. I created a page and I call it (title) "Home" and I save it as a template as "index.dwt".

I created editable regions (content) and blocked domains ("header" 'sidebar1″' I 'sidebar2'). change the field title in the window of Dreamweaver for "Example of Co" (where "Example Co" is the name of your site).

A few years ago I created my site using WYSIWYG Web builder 5.5 and now I get my hands on Dreamweaver CS5 and I'm trying to learn it.

I find some tutorials on the internet with lots of useful information.

(Tip: If you receive a warning that the template doesn’t have any editable regions, just click OK.)STEP 6 Test Your Work in a Browser Before you start using your new template to create other pages, test it by previewing it in a Web browser.