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Zakuro seems to get on well with Sakura and appears to have a crush on him, although she sometimes suggests that Dokuro kills Sakura only to realize what she's saying and apologize (but is usually too late by then).

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K-ON is the story of 5 aspiring musicians and their journey through high school together.Dokuro begs to stay, and Sakura is at first joyful about this news, but then he feels sorrow for allowing it to occur.Zakuro decides to stay with the both of them, seeking asylum in the past from Rurutie.She moved in and began living with Sakura and Dokuro.Zakuro seems to get on well with Sakura and loves him, although she oftentimes suggests that Sakura be the victim of Dokuro's Excalibolg in order to solve the problem of any given situation.Dokuro Mitsukai, a member of an order of assassin angels that are called Rurutie, has been sent from the future to kill him.

Believing that Sakura can be redeemed, Dokuro decides instead to keep Sakura so occupied and distracted that he can never develop the immortality technology.

Calm and soft-spoken, she is quite proficient in battle.

In the second series, she moves in with Sakura and Dokuro.

Her weapon is a wet towel called "Eckilsax" which can split into two or more for close combat, as well as stretching itself to bind opponents.

is a Japanese light novel series written by Masaki Okayu and illustrated by Torishimo.

When classmate Sekai Saionji notices, it seems his luck really does change.