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Dj fuji dating skills review

a very entertaining drama i think this is one of da best i've ever watched!

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I caught this last night watching I think just before he has it removed it happends.. *Funny This drama was so good, all casts were fantastic, the storyline, etc.he no longer that power crazy brat but a guy who brags he did the curtains for their bedroom(LOL). I cannot wait for a new and refreshing family oriented drama like this one. If I'm correct, weekend dramas of KBS are always number 1 in the ratings chart. My Husband Got A Family Seo-young My Daughter You Are the Best Soon Shin Wang's Family Wonderful Days What Happens to My Family House of Bluebird All About Mom Five Enough The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.Even hyo joo made peace with her stepmum(aigoo..aigoo) and that is such a nice smile she gave when she called ms ko "mum". This is one of the best, so rich in values and culture , my favorite indeed. I'm really addicted to watching KBS dramas every Sat and Sun, keep up the good work for tge next family drama.My weekends are definitely not the same without it. Every couple has their own love story and that's what makes this drama worth watching.I will especially miss Min Hyo Won's mum's dramatics. There is no over dramatic problem, yet it has best-written characters. They have their own version point of views and it makes them different.Park Jun-Keum is a scene stealer and cracked me up as the mother. Although there were the standard annoying characters - especially the mothers who thought they knew best and tried to impose their will on everyone and the annoying villain - the actors were wonderful (with the exception of the two foreigners, who must have been cast because of their appearance but not because of any acting skills. Anyway, I will miss this show, which I binge-watched over the course of a week.

Why would they cast someone with a Scandinavian accent and a Scandinavian physiognomy to play the Italian ambassador?!! The ending, in particular, was very well done, I thought. I watched it faithfully for all 27 weeks all the way to the end.

This is a drama that is unpredictable,that excites televiewers as to what happens next.

It unfolds tremendous turn of events that you wouldn't imagine.

You both deserved to have good & happy partners in life!

Fans like me were really rooting for you to be real couple & our prayers have been answered!

To the actress who acted as LDG's mom in this drama, we pray you pull through & be back on your feet again! To all the cast/crew/p.d./writer/s hooray to you all for a job well done! :) you shld've gone all the way, a drama this good should be longer than 54 epis!