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Discreet chat rooms

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We were both cool about it, and left each other to finish in privacy.

Unfortunately, many 18-year-olds find it hard to acknowledge out loud that they masturbate.The only problem so far is it seems to make going to sleep really hard now that we have it in the open. I don't think it's unhealthy, however, and I think going to sleep will be the same as usual once the novelty of your joint masturbation wears off.During freshman year, my roommate and I each walked in on the other masturbating at least once.Every guy knows that they both masturbate in the room quite a bit.And unfortunately, neither of them ever says anything about it.Masturbating quietly in bed is hard because I'm sort of vocal when I masturbate. This means they have to stop when someone comes back to the room and can't do it during sleeping hours, which is most people's favorite time to masturbate.

I suspect they are less satisfied than guys who discuss the situation and lay out ground rules.

Everyone would be greatly relieved if someone would say, "I propose that it be OK to masturbate whenever it is dark in this room." But these discussions need not mention masturbation specifically, and can instead refer to one roomie "wanting to be alone in the room." As Homer Simpson's college roommates advised him, hang a necktie over the doorknob if he's with a girl, or a sock if he's with a picture of a girl. I went to a small religious college and there was an unwritten rule that when your roommate came back from a date, he got the room to himself for half an hour.

Nobody ever said it was because of masturbation, but everyone knew it was.

(age 23) Obviously, it would have put no strain on your relationship if you had recognized aloud what you were doing.

As a rule, guys just wait to masturbate until their roomie is asleep.

I just figured it would be harder for them to say anything if that was the first thing they had ever said to me.