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However, there are a number of manufacturers whose vehicles do not recommend blends greater than 5%.Please consult your owner’s manual to learn if biodiesel blends greater than 5% are compatible with your vehicle. Simply call us at 1-877-852-3025 to report the problem.

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Learn more about Flex Fuel Vehicles on the EPA website.Please refer to your owner’s manual to learn whether your vehicle requires diesel.Biodiesel blends are standard diesel fuels blended with a biomass component derived from plant oil and animal fats.BP Diesel® is routinely tested for compliance with ASTM D975, including sulfur content and lubricity requirements.Like all our fuels, BP Diesel® is backed by our BP Fuel Guarantee. This is standard for most diesel fuel sold in the US and does not require any special labelling.If you choose not to link a credit card, you may use your mobile phone number*.

You may be prompted to provide some additional information in order for BP to provide you with updates about BP programs and offers, and other specific information pertaining to your BP Driver Rewards account.

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You’ll also need to provide proof of purchase and a mechanic’s repair bill.

We’ll review your claim, and any BP fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed to you.

Flex Fuel (also known as E85) is a gasoline-ethanol blend containing anywhere from 51 to 83% ethanol, and can only be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs).