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Being incredibly alarmed by this, and also seeing as there hasn't been a news update from the admins since 10/25/10, I sent two emails out trying to contact them, to no avail.Please any tips or even instructions on how to block this and similar sites from being viewed.Hi, I am a man and I do not do that to my wife because I care for her feelings.Especially when making child custody decisions involving unmarried parents, the family court's primary consideration will be to identify the child's "primary caretaker." See Checklist: Who Gets Custody?An unwed father often cannot win custody over a mother who is a good parent, but he can take steps to secure some form of custody and visitation rights.This 6-year-old girl presented with 4 months history of intermittent morning headaches and vomiting.

She presented to our clinics due to progressive ataxia and unsteady gait for 2 months.

But, unlike divorcing couples, unmarried parents will not need to resolve any potentially complicated (and contentious) divorce-related issues such as division of property and payment of spousal support, so the decision-making process is focused almost exclusively on child custody.

For this reason, resolution of custody and visitation may be more simplified for unmarried parents.

Radiologists are often the first to suspect NAI when confronted with particular injury patterns, and a knowledge of these is essential if the opportunity to save a child from future neglect is not to be missed.

Figure 1: (a) Brain magnetic resonance imaging scans revealed a posterior fossa mass.(b and c) A postoperative emergent computed tomography scan revealed a large right sided epidural hematoma (long arrow) with depressed fracture of the temporal bone (short arrow), where the pin had been placed the age range was from 2 years and 7 months to 6 years and 6 months.

We present one case of depressed skull fractures and associated epidural hematomas resulted from pin-type head holder for craniotomy in young children.