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Detailsview itemupdating event example

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Other valid data sources you may come across include points to a database available on the SQL Server you are using. The last part of the connection string has to do with security.With Integrated Security, the account used by the web server is used to connect to the database.

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All you need to do is drag and drop a few controls, set a few properties, and you’re done.You can leave them in, but if you write your own SQL statements you don’t have to include them (although you could if you wanted to).All by itself, the controls work together closely to retrieve and modify the data in the underlying data source.Update Item, the modified item is shown on the form view but the changes are not reflected on the master Grid View. Remember, there’s a script file in the control that should open automatically (if it doesn’t, click the gray arrow on the upper-right corner of the control or right-click the control and choose Show Smart Tag), check all the available check boxes, shown in Figure 13-4. The links in the left column enable you to edit, delete, and select the relevant genres.That way, your management pages will have a look and feel that’s different from the pages in the front end.

Now that you’ve seen how to display, edit, and delete data, it’s time to learn how to insert new rows in the database using the is able to display data in a few different modes.

When you dropped the is considered a very good practice.

By centralizing your connection strings you make it much easier to modify them when your database changes (for example, when you switch from a development environment to a production server).

To see how it works, take a look at the source that VS generated.

First, look at the markup for the attribute in a different location. NET controls, the order of attributes in the control declaration doesn’t matter.

With the theme removed, it’s easier to focus on the functionality of the Management section, rather than be distracted by layout issues.