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The Word tells us *clearly* that in order to get what we want, there has to not just be a serving of the Lord but an *enjoyment* in doing it and if a lot of us are really honest about where we are in our walk, we'd have to admit (James ) that just this alone shows that we are our biggest hindrance when it comes to getting what our hearts so long for.

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So Tizrah was one of the five daughters of a man who had no sons.So, challenge #: Whatever it is that you purpose to do that will serve God, make sure it's something that you actually *delight* in.Sometimes, we are so "churched" and "religiously indoctrinated" that we think that we have to do ministry in a way that is traditional, but remember that the Word tells us that when we sow sparingly, we reap sparingly and when we sow abundantly, we reap abundantly; that it's not simply a "giver" that God loves but a *cheerful giver* (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).Those five women are pretty well known and honored, especially in Jewish culture, because they "bucked the system" in the sense that since their dad had no sons to pass down his inheritance, it went to them (Numbers 36).When I prayed about what the Spirit wanted me to see in that part of the story, this is what he gave me: Challenge #: Don't wait on a man for you to get certain things in this life.If you are someone who is waiting on a guy to make you happy, then you are not just someone who is going to be disappointed a lot, but you're also going to be someone who is going to get on a man's *last* nerve sooner than later.

There is a working peer of mine who says one of my favorite things about the physical beauty of a woman (for the sake of the blog, I'll clean it up a bit-LOL): "The most beautiful woman in the world is somewhere getting on a man's last nerve." Indeed! Therefore, find what makes you have pleasure and satisfaction within yourself. Create a budget that includes manis/pedis and manicures.

(Mark -31) Remember, I John 4:8&16 tells us that "God is love" and a man is not God.

If you don't love yourself, that is something that *God* and you need to work out *way before* your husband arrives.

That's what I like so much about Song of Solomon 6:4.

The Shulamite woman's beloved was a lot like Adam (Genesis ) and Boaz (Ruth -11) in the sense that he recognized her as being *his beautiful one*.

You know how some of us can be: "I'll get a house when I get a husband" or "I'll travel the world when I get a husband" or "I'll start my dream job when I get a husband".