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But isn't Preven for women who believe they are already pregnant? "There's different definitions [of pregnancy] depending on where you live," offers Ms. "Most doctors would say pregnancy begins at implantation," she continues.

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It's just the old birth control pill in super-high doses wrapped up in a box with an image of a carefree '90s woman, a pregnancy home-test, instructions and a price tag of $25 to $35.Even the spokesman for the drug company that makes it says, "it's really just repackaging and re- marketing." What is new, however, is the definition of pregnancy that marketing strategists and Preven promoters are using to sell very early abortion as pregnancy prevention.Doctors have given women fearing unwanted pregnancy concentrated birth control hormones within 72 hours of sex ever since Albert Yuzpe observed their effect on the endometrium (lining of the womb) in the 1970s: the hormones make the womb a hostile environment for a newly fertilized egg.No Wonderland this, but the Mad Hatter would feel right at home in a place where sundry meanings are ascribed to simple words.For decades abortion supporters have so honed the art of equivocation that one needs specialized training (preferably legal, but at least grammatical) to decode the hidden meanings in everyday terms.Jennifer Kessell, spokeswoman for Roberts Pharmaceuticals, the Oakville, Ont., Canadian manufacturer of the drug, sells Preven as though it were a new shade of eyeliner.

"They're not sure of the ins and outs of it," she says.

Planned Parenthood is promoting "Preven moments" for "non-consensual sex," " condom breakage," "birth control failure" or "moments of passion." It would like to see the drug available without a prescription.

Alberta Pro- Life's Joanne Hatton is especially concerned about the effect this would have on young women and girls who may be pressured by boyfriends into taking the drug and exposed repeatedly to its unknown toxic effects.

Period." Pregnancy begins when a woman is "comfortable" with it beginning, she adds .

"It depends on your own personal views and what you want to believe." "Biologically, physically, genetically, embryologically, pregnancy begins at conception," counters Calgary pharmacist Maria Bizecki, who belongs to Concerned Pharmacists for Conscience, an Alberta group that is lobbying for pharmacists' right to refuse to dispense abortifacients.

Choice served brilliantly in the public debate until publicity surrounding partial-birth abortion connected the dots for many Americans, and choice began to look disturbingly like killing a real baby.