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she first requested me to fill up some sort of personality form about me and the other half.

I told her something that unfortunately, I had to repeat a few other times to other women: My experience is that when wives listen to those words, they hate you 100 times more and I have my own theory on why: is because you are actually telling them their husbands are not the perfect men they thought they were.this is an organize event of differ theme and activities, its like more on gathering and mingling.A FREE MEMBERSHIP Becoming a member of Datesmith is ABSOLUTELY FREE!Married men started to be something in my life about five years ago.I remember breaking up a relationship with a guy who cheated on me (and whose new girlfriend decided to attack me even though I was the one being cheated on) and been invited to go out by a guy who have spoke to me several times on Twitter.Lately, I have been noticing that a whole new different phenomenon is happening with me in the dating scene.

There are these men that are not scared to hold my hand or be seen with me, but they are still somewhat "handicapped": they are married men.

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I have read so many things about relationships that is overwhelming.

There are texts that establish that is more likely for smart women to remain single. I have dated men that said: "I am sorry, you're just so smart that I can't handle you." Sometimes I have thought about it just as a mere excuse.

“Unlike other services that promote casual and often short-lived dating, Datesmith provides a secure and personalized alternative for singles that are looking for serious, long-term, goal oriented relationships,” Joanne Ng, Business Development Director of to offer a physical channel of connecting people, allowing greater opportunities for singles to meet through organizing social events, as well as personalized dating services for those who prefer one-to-one dating.