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Everyone has their own opinions about attractiveness, so just try not to judge people whose opinions differ from yours!

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Isaiah “Zay” Crowder, junior electrical engineering major, was asked what he thought were physical traits of an attractive person.Deja Toombs, a freshman studying music performance and psychology, was asked what her ideal man’s physical ideal traits were.“When the overall personality stands out, then the appearance really doesn’t matter to me,” she said.” Nicholas Carter, also a junior electrical engineering major, seems to care about physical qualities in a different way.He described a physically attractive girl as having “groomed hair, decent skin, and…Carter had similar ideas, except that he loved an open-minded girl and one that, “has an idea of what she wants in life… She gotta know what she wants to do in life,” he said.

One thing that all three students agree on is that having social skills is part of being attractive.

Aside from looking great and having an awesome personality, chemistry and ability to communicate effectively are things to take into account when looking at overall attractiveness.

Crowder expressed that he wants someone who he can vibe with.

You won't get jealous, though, because you'll be curled up on the sofa in your PJs eating chocolate and catching up on East Enders. that only offer calorific meals which will leave you with nothing but immense satisfaction and an impressive food baby.

Anything that could jeopardise his perfect #summerbod, sculpted by hours of dedication in the gym, is a no go.

“When you take off your makeup, you won’t be who I thought you was [sic],” Crowder said. If you look like a clown, that’s not cool,” Carter said.