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DE, are of particularly strategic importance to the Group, given the scale of the growth opportunities they offer. DE joined the Group, its subscriber base has grown by 54%, whilst that at Dating Direct has grown 27% since 1 January 2008.This growth in the subscriber base reflects a significant gain in market share in Germany, whilst the Group has consolidated its competitive position in the UK.

The results we have seen on our matchmaking site (Meetic Affinity) and our British and German online dating sites (Dating Direct and Neu .de) validate the investment strategy pursued in 2008.Given the success enjoyed by Meetic Affinity in France, and in line with its business plan, the Group has already extended its matchmaking service to the main European countries where it is active.MEETIC expects full year revenue of between €131 million and €134 million for 2008.Depuis plus de 4 ans, la société Eufonie répond à l'ensemble de ces problématiques.Nous vous proposons notre expertise et notre professionnalisme pour vous accompagner dans l'externalisation de votre relation client on-line et la gestion de vos données / BPO.As forecast, the Group also launched its Meetic Affinity matchmaking service in France on 1st July.

Over the course of the third quarter, Meetic Affinity recruited nearly 17,000 subscribers in France, which, by way of illustration, represents €2.7 million in subscription charges over the quarter (compared with €1.3 million in revenue recorded, net of deffered revenue).

At constant exchange rates (revenue at Dating Direct is generated in pounds sterling), revenue in the third quarter of 2008 would have been €34.8 million.

Revenue growth over the first nine months in purely organic terms (excluding all acquisitions since the creation of the Group) was 14%.

Over the first nine months, 95.5% of total revenue was generated in Europe, and 4.5% in the rest of the world.

At 30 September 2008, MEETIC had 705,616 subscribers, marking a record quarterly increase of 54,364 subscribers, and taking the total gain over the first nine months of the year to 128,361.

À partir de mars 2007, le site devient payant pour les femmes mais il est possible de contacter gratuitement les utilisateurs qui ont acheté le "meetic pass premium".