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I would welcome comments and suggestions regarding the proposed new classification scheme.[4] In the Classified List, plays have been grouped in chronological order under the following headings: Quack Doctor Plays This major class covers most English folk plays.

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I must confess that I am not totally happy myself with the headings I have given to some of the new classes - especially the headings based on geographical regions.Antagonists vary with sub-type, and in some cases there may be more than one combat.Because Hero/Combat sub-types share the same plot, parts are often interchangeable and hybrids form easily, especially in areas where two versions meet.These make up by far the most common English folk play genre, but it should be remembered that other very different folk plays are also found, such as "The Derby Tup" and "The Old Horse" to name but two.During my Ph D research, I re-examined the classification of the plays, and analysed the texts using computerised methods.Find genuine fun and intimacy with disabled singles.

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Whatever the method, its purpose is to provide a body for the Doctor.

The diagnosis and cure are usually achieved with a degree of comedy and may form the main scene of the play.

While these geographical headings do reflect the regions in which the relevant plays generally occur, there are usually also one or lying well outside the region.

For instance, while most "Irish Plays" do occur in Ireland, a few also appear on mainland Britain.

The whole affair often finishes with a carol or seasonal song.