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It is always a joy to see a group of relative strangers, some of whom feel a little awkward at the beginning, relax and enjoy themselves together, and by the end of the evening feel quite cozy and satisfied. And it’s fine to choose and invite only those people that interest you or you feel safe with.It is helpful though, to remember that it’s not a dating scene.

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Garland, Retiring, Your Money, NY Times, 12-9-16) Storytelling, so important in late life, may be facilitated in many ways, including Guided Autobiography classes (in which participants write stories to read aloud each week, on themes such as Money and Work), other forms of memoir writing workshops, telling one's story to a hired personal historian (to be captured in print, audio, or video), or participating in dignity therapy (as part of end-of-life treatment).Others are just curious about what it might be like.Many of our First Time Cuddlers don’t want to cuddle with strangers at all, but during the Welcome Circle find out that many people there have shown up for similar reasons.However, it has not happened yet that a guest finds no one willing to cuddle with them. It’s common to make new friends, and occasionally people have met dating partners, but mostly it’s about friendship and learning nurturing touch. Each of our Certified Facilitators arranges their own events and chooses whether or not to attempt to gender balance.Even if it did, you can always ask your Facilitator for some help and support. Return to top How can I be assured that everyone will respect my choices? Some do and some don’t, and individual events can vary as well. Cuddle Parties are not about sex and not about coupling up, and therefore gender is of very little consequence.You pay for the space, atmosphere, band and janitor, and in case you need it, the bouncer. Besides the cost of training and certification, the responsibilities of hosting Cuddle Parties includes the creation and maintaining of websites, newsletters and other forms of promotion, and answering questions via phone and email.

The facilitator/host prepares the space, buys and prepares snacks, leads the guests through the mini-workshop, meets any concerns or problems that arise, and cleans up after the event. We do, however have a few Certified Facilitators who are pioneering Family CP’s, where a limited number of children are allowed with their parents. If this interests you, contact us at Cuddle Party HQ.

Everyone, including you, has a choice about who and how to share touch.

That means that there may be people who say ‘No’ to your invitation.

Each facilitator makes their own arrangements and choices, and sometimes they really welcome a new location.

Some facilitators are willing to travel to new areas as well, so feel free to ask!

For details, see – Foundations of Facilitation Return to top Are Cuddle Parties therapy? But they can be healing, comforting, restorative, rejuvenating, inspiring, insight-producing, and challenging of your preconceived ideas. Many people have found a deep support and growth in self awareness and relationship skills.