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Dating website for ravers

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Then comes the liking of pages, and what I feel the biggest flaw the app has: You\’re only allowed to view FIVE PEOPLE PER DAY.

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And the rise in online dating makes sense: the more people you engage with, the better chance you\’ll have of finding someone that you connect with, so people are casting as wide of nets as they can and seeing what they can reel in.A quick perusal of the site’s “Hot Members” page turns up a 24-year-old female who “love to raves, been doing it since 2010.If you don’t love EDM, this isn’t going to work out,” she says.How interesting, a new dating app that bases its results on the events you attend.Dating apps are at the top of their game lately, with names such as Badoo or Tinder, love can now be found right away if you take your phone out. Glance’s algorithms are based on the events you attend, and if you find someone who is going to the same event,break the ice and invite them to join you to that special rave!The site is sure to provide some dating guidelines (“Remember to be honest in what you write.

You’ll get found out sooner or later if you’re 44 years old, married with 3 kids and you’ve said that you’re 24 and single. ”), and reminds users to be proactive to make the most of the service: “You have to be in it to win it.” We’ve already seen couples get married at Electric Daisy Carnival — can the first married couple whose love blossomed on be far behind?

It\’s definitely not the phone either, I was using an i Phone 5s that\’s only a few months old.

Overall, Mix\’d is way too much drama to deal with, and I didn\’t even get to talk to anyone on it!

The main idea of this app is to find people to meet up with at concerts and festivals that have similar musical taste as you. \”Couldn\’t you just, like, talk to people while you\’re at these events since you definitely have the same taste in music?

When you fill out your profile, you write a short bio about yourself, choose your favorite artists, and include what events you\’ll be attending in the next few months. \” But I try to shut it up for he sake of this article.

This is completely unacceptable for a generation that is used to swiping through a seemingly endless pool of profiles on Tinder, and I doubt that many people will have any patience for it. I used the app for a little over a week, and I only got two matches, neither of which sent me a message. It seems like people are downloading this app, making their profile, and then abandoning it after realizing what a joke it is.