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Dating ware hertfordshire

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Rivers and main lines of communication generally cross the county from north and north-west to the south.

The tributaries of the Thames valley define its western edge with Buckinghamshire and the more open landscapes of Essex and Cambridgeshire comprise most of its eastern boundary.These towns show the variation in urban character across the County.Watford has some of the characteristics of outer London.Issues of character should not only address the built form but also the landscape, the character of the public realm, thresholds (the spaces between buildings or between buildings and the public realm) and highway design.A design response should establish those elements that contribute to local distinctiveness and examine how /if they can be incorporated into the design.This analysis provides overall cues which provide the context to development.

Objective: To promote character in the landscape by utilising site characteristics to reinforce locally distinctive patterns of development.

Are there particular local materials, features or forms that are particular to the area and can be used as a source of inspiration?

Is it appropriate to use the motifs under consideration or will they contribute to pastiche?

The valley of the River Lea creates a strongly defined south eastern boundary.

The landscape of Hertfordshire is broadly that of south east and eastern England, being relatively low lying clays with more chalk and flints towards the north.

Click to enlarge About 81% of the population of Hertfordshire live in towns with a population of over 5,000.