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Dating unattractive person

"It might also mean that women and their mothers may have different notions of what constitutes a minimally acceptable level of physical attractiveness, with mothers employing a less stringent standard than their daughters," she added.Nowadays, we live in a truly beauty-crazed world where everything and everyone is estimated in the first place by external attractiveness.

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The women had to rate the photographs and trait descriptions in response to how attractive they found the man, how favourably they rated his personal description, and whether they would consider the person as a dating partner for themselves or their daughters.Physical attractiveness strongly influenced how women and their mothers saw the target men.The attractive and moderately attractive ones came up trumps.Advertisements and commercials work extremely well, so unless you live in the middle of the jungle or on a secluded island, sexuality and attractiveness is what fashion companies feed us with.While some of us can learn to expand their attractiveness to catch more admiring glances, others tend to view an individual as a jar filled with his/her unique personal qualities.Researchers at the Eastern Connecticut State University in the US assessed the mate preference of 80 women between the ages of 15 and 29 years old, and 61 mothers.

The women were presented with colour photographs of three male targets varying in attractiveness.

On the one hand, we are enchanted by beautiful fables and fairy tales that often tell us that we should look past the physical beauty.

That even the Ugly Duckling will eventually turn into a gorgeous white swan.

We’re assured that the soul and the body are two diametrically opposite concepts and that the first one is much more important.

However, on the other hand, we are swamped with an enormous number of images of faultlessly wonderful representatives of human race in various formats – from fashion magazines and Instagram profiles to porn industry.

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