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Dating thick black women

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While smelling all of the notes after initially applying Black I thought it was pretty good!Then my hopes crashed as after the top notes faded and I smelled the middle and bottom notes together I HATED this composition.

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Sample it from a fellow fraghead, go to Macy's(free), Sephora(free) or Ebay for a sample of this. It is an original scent and I can only recommend it. Surprised to see the leather note voted so high here. Performance is fantastic on the vintage ones (if you can find them), not bad on the slightly older and, unfortunately, rather weak on the newer ones. Black also so close to V&A Midnight In Paris but more masculine, I sold my MIP because it was too feminine and creamy for me and got bvl Black instead. I have read about this perfume for years and finally bought it. so tomorrow I am spraying all my work colleagues :'D with it. I was playing with Hiris earlier and Hiris is way more masculine imo. Very soft and not at all what "black" of the bottle would imply. Mind me, it's quite more than the rubber, as the feeling is softened by the vanilla and the feeshnes of the tea note, but the leather in this is so well configured that it actually smells like you just finished a lap on Nurmbergring and just popped a soft slightly sweet drink just sitting there on the hud of the car and chilling. Perfect burnt rubber smell, a bit harsh but so well balanced, softened with vanilla and I adore the smell. I wonder if there is a dude who can pull this off...I will say that the amber and a soft soft leather lasts an extremely long time and it quite beautiful. Not Body odor sweat, but the sweat of a God or Goddess.I would only wear this in the fall and winter during the day with a leather jacket or rugged clothing. You know that scent of glistening sweat of the person you are in love with. I get the the rubber note at first, but it is not a harsh latex smell. What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? It's a work of pure art if U ask me, as even Fahrenheit, to which this is sort of a companion piece, doesn't get the burning petrol feel quite like this catches the rubber. I don't think it is masculine at all, I find it very feminine which clashes with many reviews here.

Batch Number: Unknown (Production Date: Unknown) Age: 25 From: Trade Size: 75 ML Scent: 3.25/5 (Meh). Black gets it to the very point that once a friend of mine tought we skidded whilst driving when he cought a wiff of this.

Whoever attended a, say, Formula one, event knows the smell of burned rubber and hot asphalt, mixed with the smell of gasoline and sweet beverages and feminine parfumes.

Black is a concept fragrance, it plays to the limited crowd who like the smell of rubber and it wants to evoke a racing track feel.

Everyone always described it as "the ultimate bad boy/girl scent" and to my surprise this smells EXACTLY like one of my favorite perfumes that I already owned, Tokyo Milk's Dead Sexy! When it arrived in the mail I ripped open the packaging and sprayed liberally tires. And I liked it, but it wasn’t the love I was hoping for, so I put it on my dresser with all my other bottles. Think a brand new BMW, fresh tires and a hint of new car scent. Unique in the opening, unique in the drydown (except for maybe Midnight In Paris, but I have not nosed that). The issue with Black though, is the initial blast - and lingering scent of new tires. It lacks the licorice and the right kind of powder. The tea note in this perfume and its overall aesthetic is very reminiscent of the au the series (au the rouge, au the blanc). Black is a little like a pleasant, rather insipid person wearing a very cool hat. The only problem is that this stuff has HORRIBLE performance. For a mid-priced fragrance I think this is quite a rip off.

After a few days, much to my surprise, I found myself craving that brand new comforting bike tire smell. The difference is that this perfume have a leather accord in addition to tea. Black's cool hat is a tarry, petrochemical note in the top that's impressively interesting and must have been unique when it first came out. I don't know what it was like before reformulations, but this (2016) batch is an instant, weak skin scent once the alcohol has evaporated on me.

Blind purchased this and Body Kouros based on my appreciation of Annick Menardo's Xeryus Rouge. Without luck, gave it two nauseating hours to see if it settle down into something more palatable. I had a victim/friend all picked out - but she works in a hospital.... It was an undercurrent that prevented the powder from becoming too girly or baby's bottom. Yes, it's a similar type of scent, but it's not a twin, or even immediate family... If you love Mi P, there's no guarantee you'll even like this. At this point I've honestly lost track of how many times I've smelt my wrist on the car ride home from work.