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Dating the cancer woman

I admire his passion, his love, his strength, and by his understanding. I had met him as we were at the same professional place for 2 months. I will make sure my child does not make the same mistake ... Yes, we clicked and had empathy, plenty of it, and I used to appreciate his support and company when he offered it, but he grew very possessive and weird over the time.He stared at me and praised me from the second day of our cooperation. I don't know how to say this but I am a married Cancer woman who is having an affair with a married Scorpio man. I will make sure that when she meets him, she fights for him, and does not let him go. I personally didn't find that much endearing in anyway.

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I am a Cancer women and although we (cancer women) find it difficult to trust people immediately, we tend to let our guards down with Scorpio.The Cancer man wants his woman to pamper and baby him and the Taurus woman dreams of spoiling her man.Each gives a lot in sex and love so this will be a true love match not a quick affair.When he make love to me it's like he is making love to my soul. I have other Scorpio friends too, all of them female. I am a Cancer woman, been married and divorced twice (1st Aries 2nd Taurus.Can someone help me understand what is going on I never looked at another man and I never cheated on my husband until now . After my second divorce I had no desire to be in any relationship, oh but to my surprise my destiny had something else in mind for me.. We're hot & cold about small things, but we got over it so fast cos we are so madly in love that others could see us as psychotics if they ever knew what we argue but yes, although I am still insecure, he is the only person in my life that could be the closest to what I thought I could never do: Trusting and loving a man.Cancer's horoscope would advise, "Your Taurus lover provides the stability you need.

Trust him and get out of your shell." Taurus' horoscope would say, "Your Cancer lover is loyal and admires your strength and support." Taurus is a zodiac sign of sexual activity.

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These two zodiac signs share a love for a comfortable home and financial security.

If it's very unlikely then you can give him time and see what develops, whereas if there's a high risk you might not want to wait. Hope he still remembers me, he played with my feelings. I am a Cancerian woman who is deeply in love with a sag man. At first I was in a love spell with him, at least for me that's how it felt. He worries about my health, and always wants me happy.

Not sure if that helps, but in a similar situation that's what I used to decide. Although me and him do not have trust issues, when his jealousy comes poking its head, he is off and can not stop asking questions and making statements.

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