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Dating someone with a kid

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Besides, I’d never thought about going out with someone who had a child before, I’d never had to as it wasn’t something I came across in my own world – none of my friends had children, none of their partners had children so it was an alien situation.

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My ex couldn’t really do a trip to Vietnam, he couldn’t part with the money and didn’t earn as much as me.When we finally broke up, I was sad but it wasn’t as crushing as I thought.When he ended things a few months previous (then asked for me back because he made a ‘mistake’) I knew it already gone too far, I was compromising myself too much already.It was the relationship he had with the mother of his child.I felt as though she was controlling and it felt like she always wanted to know what he was doing. I didn’t like how she’d be messaging him to initiate day to day conversations. Another strange thing was that he was living in a flat owned by her father.The differences of what we wanted in life were becoming apparent.

My ex, although he was only 26, had been engaged twice and craved the security of a relationship where everything was pretty much planned out – live together, get married then children.

Settling for a life based on compromising my own for and no one will ever be worth such a sacrifice.

I don’t know if I’d ever consider seeing someone with a child again.

It’s definitely not right for me now in my twenties but, to be honest, I don’t want to think about what could be in the future either.

Too much of my time has been wasted thinking about someone else’s needs.

I only found out my ex had a child a few days after we met.