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Dating soldiers and emotional help

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If I could convince women to avoid soldiers as sexual partners, I could prevent those soldiers from passing on their defective genes.If I could destroy the reputation of soldiers as life partners, then soldiers might avoid the profession just to get laid. I find it astounding that anyone will publicly champion child rapists, child killers and child torturers, but that is what the majority of responders do. If you have any doubts about your fiancé, those doubts are most likely to grow over time.

The war was not even about liberating Iraqis from Saddam since Saddam offered to surrender before the war and was deposed the instant the war started. This applies not just to the US military, though most of my examples are taken from the USA.Think of it as like a prose folk song, something a father might sing to his daughter. Usually in the first type there is a draft and in the second there is not, though there was a draft for the Viet Nam war. Why then do people enlist for the second type of war?You are choosing both for yourself and your potential children. This essay tends to generate a lot of feedback of the form “I want to/am going to kill you. You would not be alive if it were not for them killing children on your behalf. If you disagree with some fact I have asserted, please point to a definitive source, rather than just saying However, I doubt there is anying you could say that would convince me to have even the tiniest bit of respect for someone who makes his living killing children. Unfortunately, since then many of the supporting links have gone stale and I had to remove them.Save yourself heartache and choose a man you can solidly trust to be kind and loving instead. Unfortunately, the most important ones were to documents on the Bush White House website, now all withdrawn. I asked the White House to put them back, or archive them and predictably, they ignored me.I don’t have much hope of directly convincing them to give up their life of crime, though I try.

However, the women who support these men are perhaps a bit more amenable to reason.

I consider people who approve of butchering children in Afghanistan and Iraq mentally ill, in the legal sense of not understanding the difference between right and wrong.

They are going to have to work very hard to convince me I am wrong, just as I would not take at face value something someone living in an insane asylum told me.

They will need to marshal facts and logical argument. If they actually joined the military, when they enlisted, they signed a contract agreeing to butcher children for no reason other than being ordered to.

That makes them a repulsive and dangerous psychopath, in my book. By the way, those kids have every right to blow the damn heads off US military.

Some may be so naïve they don’t believe the primary function of soldier is killing people, but most are completely aware of what their husbands do and they get a sexual charge from it. It is perfectly normal to despise child killers, or grandma killers.