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Dating service with background check

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A little information can help singles feel less vulnerable to con artists on the web.

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The service will even provide a court runner to go to the courthouse in person to look up any details for you.By the time she was arrested in a luxury hotel in 2016, she’d stolen more than $250,000 using at least five different aliases.She’d been at large since 1997, charming her way into her victims’ pocketbooks.The Android version has recently been updated to have an even cleaner interface for users, so a wealth of free information is always at your fingertips.“We want to be seen as an all-around tool that can help people and focus on safety,” Justin said.Justin Lavelle, Social Media Director for Been Verified, enjoys the relaxed feel of the Manhattan offices.

“There’s this nice balance between being serious and not taking ourselves too seriously,” he said.

“That comes from Ross and Josh and their style.” This fun-loving team of 37 employees isn’t laid back when it comes to online security, though.

Been Verified’s platform offers access to billions of public records.

Available by phone or email, this team walks Been Verified customers through the search process so it becomes easier to understand. A knowledgeable team breaks down the information into a simple yet comprehensive resource.

“Oftentimes the information on public records can be a little jargon-heavy,” Justin said, “so we have a phone number that’s available 8 a.m. The mission is to help people feel secure when online, and keep con artists like Maria at bay.

If certain records require some legwork to get ahold of, Been Verified lets you send a live court runner to your selected county courthouses to obtain the files or records compiled within the past seven years on any individual.