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Incoming freshmen from California and states across the country prepared to start the fall semester at UC Irvine at the end of September.Then, only two months before the beginning of their college classes, 499 incoming students were notified that their acceptances had been revoked.

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“This was really heartbreaking for me,” Simran Chopra, 18, of Los Angeles told the Orange County Register, asserting that she mailed the university her transcript before the July 1 deadline.At Columbia University earlier this year, the Mailman School of Public Health accidentally sent offers of admission to 277 students, telling students the offers were erroneous about an hour later.Carnegie Mellon and Tulane recently made similar mistakes, and in 2009 the University of California-San Diego accidentally told 28,000 students they were accepted, when they were actually denied admission.Many were told they had failed to deliver their final high school transcripts on time, or had inadequate grades during their senior year.Others complained that admissions staff gave them petty or confusing reasons, or no justification at all for rescinding their admissions.The admissions staff has sped up the appeals process and is “diligently” working through the requests in the hope of processing all of them by the end of this coming week.

“Accepted students who meet the terms of the offer letter are welcomed to the UCI Family,” Vasich said.

Parham published an explanation for the decisions, which he acknowledged were “disappointing and frightening” to many affected students.

This year, Parham said, the university was faced with “unprecedented demand” from prospective students, receiving 104,000 applications.

“No one will be turned away due to over-enrollment.” Still, the withdrawals have left hundreds of students temporarily in limbo dealing with a nerve-racking headache.

Students complained on Reddit threads and in Facebook groups, pleading for clarity and assistance.

He said it is “upsetting” and “damaging” that students and some media outlets have framed the withdrawals as the direct result of over-enrollment.