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Dating rexcraft bugles

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Also available for purchase is the Jupiter Brigadier and an Amati 223 and a great student trumpet.We also offer custom made bugles and complete brass instrument repairs and overhauls.

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How about make a bugle in a special key, make with heavy bracing, or whimsical artistic design? He's the go to man for many in the brass section of the Detroit Symphony and professional musicians in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

We offer complete brass instrument repair of trumpets, repair of bugles, repair of cornets, repair of French Horns, repair of flugelhorns, repair of trombones, repair of tubas, restoration of trumpets, restoration of bugles, restoration of cornets, restorations of french horns, restorations of flugelhorns, restorations of trombones, restorations of tubas, along with custom made bugles.

This site was created for those of you who would like to learn about bugles, purchase a bugle and for those in Boy Scouts earn your bugling Merit Badge.

We include written music and played bugle calls such as: First Call, Reveille, Assembly, Mess, Drill, Fatigue, Officers, Recall, Church, Swimming, Fire, Retreat, To The Colors, Call to Quarters, and Taps.

Styles of bugles include reproductions of the Rexcraft bugle (the "official" Boy Scout Bugle), cavalry bugles, "Gunga-Din" bugles , M1892 Bugles among others.

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