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Dating raf guy

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You’re too much for me.' "I laughed, not sure whether to be flattered or not.

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"I think the big issue is that guys do not like to feel they are coming second to a career. "I want men to appreciate me for who I am, and that includes my career.She has been single for three years and lives in Wembley Park, North West London, with her 12-year-old daughter, Amelie.Pippa says: "Quite recently, a guy turned to me and said: ' Pippa, I can’t keep up with you."I do want to have a relationship, get married and have children eventually."It’s just that men don’t tend to go for women in overalls with grease under their nails." CURVY Gurj has been single for four years.In my free time, I like to be with my daughter so there’s not a lot of time for relationships.

"When I’ve dated guys in the City, they’ve been so competitive, trying to prove themselves.

"Another man started chatting me up when I was home from a tour and asked me to dinner.

"I said, ' I’d love to, but I’m going to Afghanistan next week.' It rather puts the brakes on dating.

I’ve been a single mum since my daughter was two and in all that time, I’ve only had fleeting relationships.

"If men have jobs that aren’t as impressive as mine or earn a lot less – which most do – I don’t fancy them.

HEATHER has been single for six years and says men have always been turned off by her “unfeminine” job.