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Web Creation US is a certified Google Partner, meaning we have been recognized for our experience in managing Adwords accounts and can give you the best advice for marketing your business.Anyone can setup a Google Adwords account, but creating a quality, highly effective campaign is far from being a simple task.

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PPC stands for pay-per-click, and when most people refer to PPC they're talking about Google Adwords, the largest paid traffic generator on the web.You should begin with exact match bids and only move to phrase or broad match if you're doing extremely well with exact and want to tread carefully as a test.With Adwords you have the option to display your ads on both Google's search network (Google and other search partners who use Google search) and Google's Content Network.PPC ads are bid based, meaning that you enter a bid and the advertiser with the highest combination of bid price x click through rate (in addition to a Google assigned "quality score") gets the best position among the displayed ads.The higher you bid, the higher your ad will show up.We are highly skilled in PPC Management (Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc) and provide no-contract services to businesses for very competitive monthly fees.

We work closely with our clients - getting to know all about their business, providing honest advice and forming long term relationships - all important factors of providing a successful service.

We look forward to discussing your reports over the phone at the end of each month.

Unlike organic SEO, PPC results fluctuate on an hourly basis depending on a number of factors, therefore, you will not be looking for a particular position each month.

Aside from choosing keywords related to your industry, you should also consider bidding on your competitor's domains, vender names, product names, and with modifiers in front of your keywords that are more likely to lead to a sale, such as "buy brand x widget".

There are three different match types in Google Adwords, meaning three different ways you can choose to bid for keyword phrases.

He is the co-author of bestselling book: “Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Visitors into Customers.” Khalid is an in-demand speaker who has presented at such industry events as SMX, SES, Pub Con, Emetrics, ACCM and DMA, among others.