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Dating now ep2

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The real star of the episode, though, is Stan, whose relationship with Paige reminds us he’s a pretty perceptive guy even if he’s socially awkward.Between Oleg and his new girlfriend Renée — who’s young and beautiful and likes beer and sports and, apparently, Stan Beeman — I worry Stan is headed for a fall.

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Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) was taken into custody by the Riverdale police at the end of the episode and admitted she was guilty — but likely of killing Jason.But I’ll tolerate it because Philip and Elizabeth’s interactions with Alexei and his wife, Evgheniya, are fascinating.Alexei’s praise of the US, and his habit of running down the Soviet Union by comparison, is clearly driving both Philip and Elizabeth crazy.We've already seen them holding hands and sharing a milkshake, and it's supposed to be as creepy as it looks. But we do it more like lovers would." The Blossom twin twist is just another example of how is pushing the boundaries of a typical teen drama."We do some strange things so people can take from it what they like, but it's open to your own interpretation," Petsch says. This isn't a show simply about teenage characters discovering who they are and who they want to be — there are dark secrets lingering beneath the surface of every character that will shape how the show develops.Maybe this show has taught me to see conspiracies around every corner, but are we meant to take the suggestion that Renée is “a female version of” Philip as the comedic line it appeared to be at face value, or a suggestion that Renée is more than what she seems?

Caroline: I don't know about Renée being a spy or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if she gained some more significance outside of being Stan's gym crush, if only because the scene where Philip meets her has no point besides having Philip meet her.

For Petsch, it's easier for her not to attach labels to Jason to understand how Cheryl is grieving."She's never had a boyfriend before so this is just like, her person.

He wasn't like her boyfriend or her brother, he was just her person," the actress explains. That's more where I go with it." : Your exclusive first look inside the tie-in comic book While Petsch may not want to define it, the siblings' displays of affection in flashbacks will confirm to the viewers at home that they aren't your normal brother and sister.

The Blossom development ups the ante from Archie's (KJ Apa) affair with his teacher and probes even further into the seedy world of this small town.

's Barry Allen may have reached the 'Finish Line', but is this the end of his journey? Our TV screens will be getting another injection of the 'Speed Force' very soon indeed when the Scarlet Speedster returns for another season of adventures.

Those conversations definitely left me feeling on edge about how Paige might “act out” because she just wants to be allowed to like Matthew and have a boyfriend, dammit.