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Dating needy man

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it takes time and work to build a real bond,” says Cindy.

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Um, sorry, but who exactly are these “74 per cent of 18-35 year olds” who think less than 10 dates makes a relationship? Anna, 25, tells me: “I was dating a younger man who came on very strongly. Initially I was flattered but I quickly became disillusioned as it was clear he was looking for something very emotionally involved, very quickly - there was no intriguing ‘does-he-doesn't-he’ element to it all.Plus, he’s needy, obsessive and insecure, and bounces from partner to partner. When a relationship ends, a Cinderfella will often rush into a new one in a bid to fill the emotional void left by his ex. Women love the idea of being swept off their feet, and Cinderfellas are big on grand gestures of affection in the very early days. In other words, you’re unlikely to have a happy ending with him, so steer clear of this species. “Unfortunately, such relationships aren’t healthy and don’t last the distance,” says Cindy. They aren’t just after a whirlwind romance; they want a freaking tornado – but what they don’t realise is that “true love can’t be rushed and isn’t fleeting... Talking marriage and baby names on your third date? He’s liked all of your photos, posted photos of you to his page, and he’s even requested that you change your status and profile picture to include you.Clingy men are known for wanting to be included in every single part of your life.Image: Showbit When it comes to romance, many of us grew up believing that our love lives would neatly pan out like the fairy tales we read.

Sadly, not all relationships resemble those from our childhood dreams. The truth is, he’s probably phoning you just to get his attention fix.

Women no longer rely on boyfriends to take them on dates or give them security, because they can find it elsewhere.

Besides, today’s 20-something women are more focused on climbing up the career ladder and getting a decent salary by the time they’re 30, rather than worrying about how to ‘bag a man’.

Why don't you join the rest of us independent, millennial women and leave the neediness for the men?

Who knows – maybe one day they'll be the ones sitting at home searching for relationship advice in a copy of ‘She’s just not that into you’.

We all have our moments when we’re a bit needy and we need some help from others.