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Dating my martin ukulele

I found this ukulele in a thrift store and I would like to know about how old it is. It is a pretty fancy model with the inlay on the body & fretboard. It was model Kumalae designated as a model "D" Sherman Clay's model number was 24.I have found other Kumalae ukes on the web but none with the same labels as this one. The inside label says "Ukulele O Hawaii made by Jonah Kumalae Honolulu especially for Sherman Clay and Co. Your ukulele was made by the Regal Musical Instrument Company of Chicago, Illinois.

I picked up this old ukulele at my mother's house (we used to live in Hawaii) which says "Hawaiian Ukulele" inside with a picture of a man playing a ukulele and at the bottom says "Especially made" for and then a series of letters. It is a type of mandolin now often called a mandolinetto.Geschtzt translates from German to English as "protected".From what I have read this mark was used on many German items much like a patent or trademark.These were popular in the first few decades of the 1900s.I have seen a pretty good number of mandolinettos over the years, but yours is very unusual.San Francisco", with "Highest Award Panama Pacific Exposition 1915" around the outside of the label. The partial paper label is a piece of the standard Regal label.

It has a small crack, but the one string still sounds pretty good.... Winner was a brand name used by a particular instrument distributor, but I am not positive of which one.

The model number "5316" is stamped on the neck block. The 5316 was one of their more basic Washburn models, but it is still a nice quality instrument. Is there any information on what the symbols mean or represent?

Many thanks"UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO" is the Hawaii state motto.

The carved headstock is especially unusual - I would think that it could be used to help identify the maker, but I have never seen it before.

Any readers who might have any information feel free to write in.

T&D bought instruments from various manufacturers and sold them under their own trade names.