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Dating my guild guitar

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Dating back to , Guild guitars have covered a lot of ground.

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Sadly I am no expert in Guild guitars, though I will say I own a nice one 70s vintage dreadnaught.If you find a Travis Bean – it was made between 19.Murphy Shaw 1973-1977 , Ritz guitars were made for 2 years (1988-1989), La Baye guitars and basses 1967 only – Simple.Can you tell me if this was made in the Fender Custom dating and what year was it made. A standard word press, not custom, site is easy to set up and maintain. Each are numbered on the back of the headstock with the number in the given series, i.The following chart details the year, the guitar model, and the last serial number produced for each model in each given year. The other is stamped on the wood inside and is There are other resources for dating Guild guitars which you may also want to consult, such as: How much is my Guitar worth?While there can be no guarantee that the documents that come with a guitar are actually related to that item they “may” me useful.

This example of a receipt that came with a 1939 Aloha guitar shows that even though the receipt was not completed the hard printed 193?

That's a executive dating vancouver bc guitars guitar.

The easiest way to tell is to go outside, hold the guitar to the light so you can clearly make out the writing….

But we know Lyle guitars were imported from Japan by L.

will try to point you in the right direction for serial number decoding for many makes.

On a number of brands such as Fender and Standel a date is written either on the base of the neck or on the guitar body where the neck joins.