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If asked by a member of the Beamdog team in reply to a bug report, "are you using any mods?

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Note that this is not the only issue that can cause this, other missing files, etc., can also cause it. you change the game language or the game directory, then Keeper will want to reload as soon as you press OK.There are two different downloads for Keeper on Windows, and one for Mac (in most cases).The two choices on Windows are:- a standard ZIP file, or an (Inno) installer.Unless otherwise stated, an archive unpacker will be required in order to open the compressed ZIP archive. The default location for the installer is 'Program Files'.As of Windows Vista, User Account Control (UAC) forbids writing files to directories within Program Files unless the User Account Control feature is disabled.For future builds I will be submitting one to him sooner so that he can have it wrapped and uploaded in conjunction with the Windows release.

Linux: Though not ideal, Keeper works with the use of Wine and it functions well enough.

To load different languages, environmental variables may need to be set; e.g. UTF-8 WINEPREFIX="[location of wine]" wine '[location of file]'.

Windows: The current version should work on everything from XP to Windows 10.

If you're not specifically testing for bugs, but still find one and take the time to come here and report it, you'll be listed.

If you're not listed here (I may have simply forgotten), send me a PM and you'll get added.

Feature requests can also be made, just set the 'Report Type' option to 'Feature Request'.