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She'll spend half her profile saying how she is searching for her true soul mate, then follow-up with criteria so strict that it becomes a math problem.

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So much for it is what's on the inside that counts.Hell, it is the 21st century, girls are getting more cynical and less romantic (or at least pretending to).Mila Kunis’ character Jamie in the movie says that she misses sex, but I’m pretty sure she missed (just like most women would) the making out/foreplay bits as well.There is the proverbial "Likes walks on the beach".The nearest beach (with actual sand and not rocks) is 2 hours away from I live, and the few times I have gone there I rarely see couples walking on the beach.And trust me, having only liked He’s Just Not That Into You (and What The Hell Is He Thinking for why he is not) as far as any dating tip (collection) is concerned, I am very picky. The writer said that she was sent to the event to bust his bubble, but was so impressed by what she saw that she decided to write a piece about getting a guy in 7 days, with guidelines from Matthew Hussey of course.

I first heard about the dude through a Glamour article.

After watching one of his live events entirely, I decided that he was a damned good one at that. His dating advice website Get the Guy looked decent enough in design, but even with all the credentials (he has been featured on NBC, CNN, The Independent…), I still thought he would be all hyped. And makes a point of showing why playing hard to get has never worked.)So then I went on to watch the sales video of The Man Myth. And what he offers is the video (online) of a live event where he covers a lot from meeting different men to scoring dates, from getting to see following dates to managing relationships. If it'd turned out to be disappointing, I would have had material to write for the blog.

Hell, I was ready to bail the moment I detected tips on game playing. It also includes a 14-day free trial for the more detailed stuff. As it turned out, I got so much material for pretty much everything, including answers to any question I’ve ever had about dating and guys. I would rather go through an e-book at my own speed, skipping if there is anything irrelevant or boring.

I will admit that most are fine with an initial meet-and-greet coffee date.

But some are looking for a full day experience topped off with dinner at a fancy restaurant, after a day of skydiving, or a trip to Niagara Falls (2 hours from where I live).

Despite this, I've occasionally received a response back that was utterly dismissive. There were also times where a coffee date would go so well that we would end up spending the day together, have dinner, part ways, and I would never hear from her again.