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Dating irish american men

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As such, any answer that a person gives here will not represent the population of men at large.instead, people will answer based on their own personal experience.

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Perhaps this has to do with their upbringing, where it’s very normal for boys and girls to play and intermingle together.American men will rush to get you in bed as quick as possible, while European men don’t appear to have the same rush (or desperation). European men don’t ‘date’ – in the formal way that Americans are used to.The types of dates seen in movies – the formal ask, the fancy dinner and the entire dance that ensues simply doesn’t exist in the European mindset, in fact, the word “dating” isn’t even a part of their lexicon. Unlike American culture, where there’s almost a rite of passage which takes two people from “hooking up” to “seeing each other” to “dating” to “exclusive”, these labels just aren’t a focus or concern for European men. Rather, the mentality is, “I like you, I want to see you, and if it’s enjoyable, let’s keep seeing each other”.Now, when I discuss the differences between European and American, I’m referring to a mindset. American men on the other hand, tend to be goal oriented, with the aim of getting laid.You can very well be born in America but have a more “European” mindset and vice versa. Perhaps this ‘score mentality’ is for bragging rights, perhaps it’s for validation so they can feel wanted and desired, or perhaps it’s a pure ego play.I’m not to judge that one is better than the other, and mind you, my observations are based on my own experiences as well as a group of women I’ve interviewed in the last two years.

The below is a list of some of the themes and commonalities observed.

Is there anyone who has experience with both who could tell me how they differ in their attitudes towards dating, sex etc?

I know this will get into some generalizations but I do think culture can affect relationships.

Again thats just a generalisation though - I'm sure there are many Irish guys out there perfectly capable of expressing their emotions.

Maybe you could just mention casually to the guy how dating here is different from the States and maybe he'll take the hint and start being more romantic. I'm finding him difficult to read because he is somewhat less expressive than other guys (all American) I have dated.

Yes you can see one before you see whites of eyes you will see the smile lol sorry guys couldnt resist it hahahaha Irish men have great teeth majority of them can def not ever say that about them.