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Dating in todays modern society

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During the time period following a massive social societal collapse, law and order will break down.Some, most, or all of us may be living WROL (without rule of law) the extent of which may depend on where you live.

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After his degree he stayed in Cambridge to study theology at Ridley Hall before his ordination into the Church of England in the year 1950.If and until order is restored, your rights will consist of those which you can personally defend.Defending your rights under social collapse conditions may result in physical threats to your person, your home or your property.If you are reading this, then I hope you will at least think about it, and the things you might do to prepare for such a time. If you’ve thought it through, you will be less shocked and more prepared if and when it happens.O Come All Ye Faithful Joyful and triumphant, O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem.He is still alive and composing carols to this day.

He was born in Manchester, in the North of England, on December 26th 1926.

the Church Pastoral Aid Society before he became the Archdeacon of Norwich and in 1981 to 1992 the Suffragan Bishop of Thetford. It seems surprising which such a busy career Dudley-Smith had any time to write hymns and carols.

He managed to do this by producing them while on his annual holidays in Cornwall with his family.

This carol fits into this modern tradition and was written by Timothy Dudley-Smith, a very prominent British hymn writer who has written at least 250 carols and hymns in his lifetime.

About the Author Timothy Dudley-Smith is perhaps most known for his version of Manificat which goes “Tell out, my soul the greatness of the Lord”.

The Carol The imagery in the carol is of four key Christmas themes – Jesus as a child, the star, the tree and singing – but uses these Nativity based themes to make a wider Christian theological point.