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Dating in greek life

Although Greek Life has its perks (socially and professionally), your letters don’t make you infallible or invisible. Your organization carries weight and you must carry it gracefully, of how others conduct themselves. We ask you to be accountable because our whole existence depends on it.We all know the rule of not drinking in our letters; that’s a given. If you feel like you might be on another tip for the night, refrain from wearing your letters (and colors) just to keep it careful. Our organizations are LITERALLY businesses, at that. We have stakeholders, investors and community contributors who partner with us financially and socially.

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They’re leadership and they have to make tough decisions. We may be caught up in other things and you’ll feel alone. Although the sink or swim approach might work for some people, that should not be the only teaching strategy. This will make us step our game up, take us out of our little world and expand our vision beyond the chapter.Because we love our newbies, we didn’t want them to hop on this Greek Life wave without giving them the proper tools to ride it. And while all of this is thoroughly entertaining, no matter how long the person has been in the organization, you will rarely hear them speak on what they experienced after they crossed (outside of parties/probates).Here are 9 truths our Neos need to know, but we rarely get to tell them: Majority of the time when you run into NPHC members, especially if you’re new, people are going to ask you a series of questions like, “You’re Greek? Even more-so, it’s hard for them to tell you what’s going on in their chapter.Ok so basically every single day you've spent with your Greek S. and his family is to prepare you and your soul for Easter. It's the biggest event of the year for a Greek family and if you're not properly equipped then you could find yourself overwhelmed before you even step foot in the door.Normally meeting extended family isn't too difficult. We celebrate the first of every single month just because. I celebrate FRYDAY by tucking my fries safely into my Gyro.We can’t afford to let it get to the point of extinction. Check each other constantly in a brotherly & sisterly manner. If you can’t offer solutions or constructive criticism, let someone else do the talking. If you have to voice a concern, you can talk to your chapter members. Accept them as they are, swerve them when it comes to certain info. THE ONLY time this is ever appropriate is if someone(s) is being treated poorly physically, emotionally, or mentally. There will be times when you find us in a compromising position. Sometimes, we lack because our priors lacked and we reflect the slack they displayed. As the saying goes “A closed mouth don’t get fed.” If you’re yearning for mentorship or leadership, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

PLUS, you’re going to need job experience after graduation. This is the professional experience you’ve been looking for. When running a business, not everyone needs to know your business. But if you do, keep it factual and less based on hearsay. If someone is abusing their authority and it is becoming a hindrance to the chapter, talk to the proper uppers in order to handle the situation. You may catch us slipping when we’re not presenting ourselves in the best manner. Although we don’t verbalize it as an excuse, there will be moments where our actions will show otherwise. As Prophytes, we’ll get the notion that you have everything you need to get things started.

Sure it's a little stressful but all you have to do is smile, answer the right questions and you are good to go. With the proper motivation, the aunts and grandmothers could crack a KGB agent like a nut so you definitely need to be on you A game. So it's always going to be a chore trying to find time to see your S. - 📷 by @thecravingscurator 📍 at @grecoboston 📝 by @thecravingscurator #food #foodstagram #myfab5 #bostonfood #bostonfoodies #igfood #igersfood #foodgram #boston #fries #greekfood #gyro A post shared by Boston's @Best Food Feed (@bestfoodboston) on There is a plethora of Greek restaurants in Montreal ranging from fast food/dive to five star high quality and everything in between.

That being said, nearly every single time you go to one of them all he does is point out what they got wrong and how they could improve or how his grandmother could be better than the whole kitchen put together.

Got one better for you: ask your Prophytes and Old Heads what their favorite programs are and why.

Probe them about what made it special and how they were able to execute events effectively and successfully.

It’s your duty to prove us right – show us that the light we saw in you is going to shine, and it’s gonna shine bright. Another reason why we picked you is because you add a unique twist to our story line. If you want to do your own solo dolo thing sometimes, that’s cool.