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If trafficking happens in pockets, though, Sapa is unique, for in few places is the world changing so quickly as at this outpost of development in the Himalayas’ eastern extremities, the gateway to northern Vietnam’s hill tribe communities.

They pluck them from all over the region, luring or simply seizing them with a range of methods, from pretend romances to promises of employment to forcing them in a car and driving off.n the back wall of the classroom at Sapa O’Chau, a bootstrap operation in Sapa town, far northern Vietnam, where hill tribe children study to be tour guides, colored-pencil drawings depict young girls with tears streaming down their faces.Some are shackled with metal cuffs; others are trapped in cages or giant jars.“I think they felt life would be tough here, and they didn’t see much hope,” Gilbert said.“I guess they decided to go together, or maybe one first made that decision and then worked on the other until she agreed as well.Later that day, though, she noticed her phone had been used to call an unrecognized number. He bought a shuttlecock, and they kicked it around the square with her friends.

When she dialed to see who it was, the second boy picked up. Then they went off on their own for a walk around the lake.

I’ve heard a story that the girls prefer the brothel because it’s probably closer to the border, so it’s easier for them to get away; whereas, if they were married it’s probably thousands of miles away and they could disappear into the interior of China.” China — that’s where they go, anyone in Sapa will tell you.

The country is desperately bereft of women, the result of a cultural preference for boys amid the one-child policy.

The Black Hmong and Red Dzao people who predominate here are no exception; Sapa’s tourism explosion has engendered a new normal of interacting with outsiders, leaving minorities perhaps even more exposed.

I caught wind of what was happening in Sapa in late 2012.

The boy, shy, hung around the door, then left for a few minutes and returned with another boy.