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Dating gay handicaped persons

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They are by authors whose work on ASSTR and ASSM have particularly impressed me and I have formatted for my own reading pleasure. The games mainly involve tie-ups but also include frequent tickle torture.I like e Books because I can download them onto my PDA and read them on the train, the aeroplane and wherever else I might be. The regular "players" in the tie-up games are rough with each other's bodies but very gentle with each other's feelings.

E-Mail: [email protected] am a 21-year-old college student attending school at a major university in the southeastern United States. Story categories: Sci/Fi, Teenagers, Adults, non-consensual, consensual, dark, incest, rape, mind control, etc (basically, everything "naughty")! stories in french only - histoires en francais E-Mail: [email protected], horny good girls. Submissions are invited at the email address on my web site Virus senders will be reported to their ISP.If you ask a woman about her first time with a man (or boy), you will usually hear things like it was rushed, unfulfilling, even non-pleasurable.Contrast that to a woman's first time with another woman, where the overwhelming majority relate it as a positive experience." Lesbian Lolita is a place for people who like reading or sharing erotic stories of underage girls experiencing same-sex love with each other and with adult partners.If you mix those two together you'll get a nice ebook. Where evil villains plot to trap young heiresses, and jungle explorers are liable to be served up as human sacrifices or even-- dinner!Where every basement is crowded with hooded cultists devising fantastic torture devices to conquer the world!Most of the stories here involve teens and have been collected from the newsgroup Alt. E-Mail: [email protected] is my list of some of the more memorable stories I have read.

Mainly I feature male dominant hetero stories with some gimmick, usually science fiction. But anything goes so don't be surprised if I post something really different or extreme, you just never know. I got reading, and I saved the stories I liked most.

ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the stories.moderated newsgroup,, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.

The administration is very proud to host the collections of many of the finest erotic literature collectors around.

When I find the time, this will be supplemented by similar archives of adult romance and historical stories. E-Mail: [email protected] is the person behind ASSA, a collection of stories all containing an Asian theme.

Throughout the years, ASSA has moved from time to time due to site-hosting problems.

But others do, and some of their works are here, or linked from here.