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Dating for 12 year olds

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And they always let me know that if I got in a bad situation, no matter what it was, that I could call them for help and they would come and get me.I am so thankful now that they were strict with dating.

I have a 14 y/o family member who is due with a boy in January...Personally, I was not allowed to go anywhere by myself with a boy until I was 15.Before that a group of us would sometimes meet up at the skating rink or the movie theater. Besides, if they are only 12 or 13 where could they go that parents weren't taking them anyway. Start by allowing her to talk on the phone a couple of times a week to a boy (with a time limit for the length she can talk as well as her cut off time at night).Dating at 12 or 13 only puts her in situations she isn't prepared to deal with. We had no baby mama drama, drug issues, running wild, etc. Next week, she'll want to drive even though she does not have a permit. Im not saying your grandchild would be permiscuous but the pressure is deff there and I think 12 is just too young, why can't we let our kids be kids anymore she has the rest of her life to worry about men right now she should focus on school and some good girlfriends and things like sports or art and music.It's time for going to parties and outings with friends. Teach her about boys, dating, what she wants to be when she grows up. My husband and used similar parenting skills along with more open communication with our girls and it has worked out BEAUTIFULLY ! You've got to be the parent and set limits and discuss with her when things are age appropriate. dear dianne- i read your 'so what happened' - you sound angry! jmho second, you say your daughter isnt' thinking about sex...Kids that young are still figuring out a great deal about themselves.

Tell your granddaughter to consider this time in her life as "me" time meant for her to grow inwardly and outwardly.

She had a baby at age 12 and now holds the state record for the youngest mother to ever go through a crisis pregnancy center.

Letting her go doen not PROVE you raised her right.

hey every body i riase my grandoughter and she is 12 almost 13 and she wants to start dating and i dont know what age is good for her to start dating at i need help to find a good age to start dating at so please feel free to put an in put in i need to know ok every body i did not let my grand doughter go out on the date but i maid all of you think that i let her go i am smarter than that i did let joerdon come over and they played games and eat dinner and wached a movie.i would go in every so often and nothing was going on thank you all for the help im sorry if if i sounded mad or mean on the first reply but i wanted to see what all you ladies would do im thinking that she is not allowed to date till she is 15 or 16 so thank you all and 1 more thing merrie told me that she wanted to have sex with joerdon.

My neice's mother made the same bad decision to let her date at age 11.

Perhaps you might want to consider 16 as an appropiate age. My daughter is 16 and finds that being a good student is where she prefers to put her energy.