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FCL shipping to India from USA is ideal if you need to ship most everything in your home.With FCL you get an exclusive ocean container to ship your personal effects. The most common container types are 20’, 40’ and 40’ Hi Cube.

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You can ship boxes & TVs for a fixed price with our ‘CUBE FREE” service. Traditionally, LCL shipping is billed by volume in cubic feet.Shipping to India from USA involves handling of your cargo several times.It entails handling during pack, load, transport, customs and delivery.All our shipping to India services start with a free estimate. Uni Relo is a full-service international shipping company.Our competitive estimates are backed by quality services. You can pack & load on your own, or ask us for professional assistance. We provide door-to-door shipping services to India. We ship boxes, TVs & furniture at affordable rates. Our services include packing, shipping, clearance, and delivery.We have weekly sailings to India from all major ports in the USA.

We provide customs clearance services at all ports in India. We can transport the ocean container right to your doorstep.

As a result, several containers are lost every year along international shipping routes.

Which is why we provide the best cargo insurance coverage to protect your belongings.

This process is done at our warehouse using special equipment such as fork lifts. We have built-in quality checks to ensure nothing goes amiss.

Click here to learn more about the palletizing process. We are innovators when it comes to shipping to India from USA.

You simply pay based on the number of boxes or TVs you ship to India.‘CUBE FREE’ LCL shipping is our top selling service for shipping to India.