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Dating divas christmas

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They grow up way too fast and I want to keep as much magic in their lives while I can.

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The Divas have created lots of sentimental ideas to help you give a thoughtful gift to your guy, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to try to pick the best one, so with this flowchart, we’ve made it easy. Use the second flow chart in the downloadable file if creating your own gift just isn’t in the cards this holiday season.Now that the roles have changed a bit and I am the mom I think that I love the magic of Christmas even more, seeing it through my kids’ eyes.I love finding special ways to add any magic I can into my kids’ lives.Christmas is such a magical time of year and I am more than happy to add any... Check out these fun ideas we have collected for you! I think that the best part is making the people that I love happy. Treats definitely go along with this holiday and I enjoy baking all sorts of treats. You remember the awesome giveaway we recently had for the darling "Merry Christmas Deer" kit, right? one of our Am Az In G Diva Readers (rock on, Daphne Jackson! Continue Reading Have you felt the chill in the air?Elf - Dating Diva, Erika, has came up with some fun ideas to go along with the movie, "Elf." It also includes a free printable! I honestly think I bake all month long for different reasons but it is fun to have help from the little ones. ) was inspired and came up with her own evening of how to be your man's rein DEAR this Christmas... I decided we needed a NIGHT IN to off-set the cold because... I left my husband an invite and a new pair of gloves (since I had made him cut his others for our Halloween Costume.) This pair was on sale at Old Navy for $4, but you could easily find a cheaper pair at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store. I would dare say that some of your favorite childhood memories are associated with the holidays.

I know that personally, I have many memories of the magic of Christmas as a child.

She’s made it perfectly functional and perfectly adorable, all at the same time!

If you’re ready to find the perfect Christmas gift for your husband, look no further! First, you need to decide if you’d like to snag a DIY gift from The Dating Divas OR if you’re ready to spend a little bit more money and purchase a gift.

When you get to the cute, green gift box all you have to do is !

It’ll take you straight to the post with all the details on grabbing that fun idea for your guy! I love that so many of these gift ideas are really lots of little gifts, all in one!

The Holiday - Dating Diva, Kiirsten, collected some great ideas for the movie, The Holiday, what a fun show! This year I wanted to get my husband involved with the baking, so it could be more intimate. and YES, she is sharing the love with all of us - including a FREE download! You could leave it with ANY warm clothing (hat, scarf, socks, etc.) or none at all!