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Thank you to all those people who have taken the time to post their tributes.

Mercy Air responded and airlifted Benjamin to Loma Linda University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at AM. Email your thoughts about how Corey's made a difference in Your life to me at ken at (with email header "Corey Rudl"), and I'll post them here. Your stories & thoughts about Corey go here, let's hear them... Thanks to all who've been sending in emails from around the world.Here's a 'Corey thought' for the day: I like to think of Corey like a modern-day Indiana Jones, he was both the teacher, the professor who taught us, and also the adventurer, who was the first guy to test out and experiment with new approaches, then tell us how to do it, to help our customers.He was a genuine leader in this whole internet marketing arena, made such a big difference to me .. I trust Corey's whole approach, and it works spectacularly, and now I feel like a rug has been pulled out from underneath me, and it's hard to deal with.The guy was the backbone teaching of everything I've spent 4 years of my life doing, and I valued him more than these words on a site can convey. Update Sun June 5 from Ken: thanks to all of you for sending in these very special tribute emails, .It's been a blessing to see all the kind words from so many people who Corey's helped.... I'll record some kind of audio/video message sometime soon...Corey's drive and ambition and "how he does things" was always in my mind whenever I worked on my businesses, kind of like having him sitting next to me, encouraging me on, through his teaching and from meeting and talking with him in person...have him taken away so soon, is a sad feeling, that I'll never be able to talk with him again at seminars, or to know that he's there in our corner, encouraging all of us to succeed.

I always remember his speaking in his first video from way back, onstage ...

Update Saturday June 11th from Ken: There was a live online"Tribute to Corey" event today at 1pm EST via we'll post a link to the audio file once it is available.

Update Friday June 10th from Ken: Thanks to Derek, Jennifer, Scott and the rest of the folks at IMC for helping me out and calling me, it's much appreciated.

It was following Corey's training that helped me establish my trading sites back in 1999, and Corey was a pioneer who taught thousands of others how to build successful online businesses as well. and for showing how it's done in a world-class way. And I will miss you - you're a true teacher, friend and inspiration for all of us.

Corey motivated me personally, in a huge way -- it was learning from his successes, that taught me that "there are no limits to what you can do"... Update Tuesday February 28 2012 from Ken: Corey's influence and inspiration continues to be in my thoughts.

he did things right, as your kind letters below give support to...