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Dating characteristics of capricorn woman

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Ever convinced of her own abilities, she takes matters of the heart into her own hands, though it may be awhile before she makes her move.

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Her lofty ambition and inner drive often leave everyone else behind in the dust.Beware those delicate horns though, as she will toss anything out of the way to make her date with destiny.Capricorn women can be stubborn and are not easily led astray from their chosen paths.Love is serious stuff and should not to be trifled with.She believes in love, but she will have no truck with fate.However once you’ve learned the little ins and outs of the social group, the herd will accept you as one of their own. She will be on hand with guidance and advice should you ever need it, and will sometimes make plans for you that you didn’t know you had.

Devoted to those who have made the grade from outsider to inner circle, the Capricorn woman will often go to great lengths for her friendships.

There is almost always something guarded or reserved about her.

The tenth sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn woman is a dependable individual who is not fond of indiscriminate gossip, but can listen to people’s problems and offer excellent advice.

If you unpeel a Capricorn woman out of her boardroom suit, or her reserved and understated casual wear, you will find a willing, passionate lover, eager to experiment between the sheets.

She won’t need flash or fanciful fantasies, just an emotional connection with her lover.

She is most often found socializing with Scorpio and Pisces.