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Dating calendar myspace

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But ugly as a representation of mass experimentation and learning is pretty damn cool.Its not just ugly as some kind of aesthetic issue, it also hurt functionality. Animated backgrounds would make things hard to find, etc. Its biggest problem was all the freedom it gave just helped turn into a defacto dating site. A bit like how Second Life has now pretty much become a fetish site for furries. The existing userbase were all college students whose peers, professors, potential employers, family, etc had access to their profiles, so there was a disincentive to treat it like "da club." People put their personal and semi-professional faces up and when the floodgates were open to Joe User, he saw the culture there, the lack of customizations, etc and conformed to what Facebook was.

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Looking for quicker and proven ways to get females from a website, to your bedside?Most people were curious about #2, I think because FB delayed really finding out the answer until after the IPO.For the second question, I thought 'yes' was most likely.Then Myspace came along and continued the slow decline of options for the user who was interested enough to customize their page.Still, I remember just as many people not caring how it worked and pasting all sorts of "pimp your myspace" stuff into their page and in the process, opening up all sorts of opportunities for phishers and spammers.A bit like how Second Life has now pretty much become a fetish site for furries.

I think many of us realized that SL had little potential beyond that even in its infancy.

I had been working for a while in online advertising, a lot of adwords and other ad platforms so I had a fairly good understanding of the forthcoming advertising product that was supposedly going to determine FB's actual value.

Anyway, my take on it was this: FB stock (at the time) is mostly a bet on two questions.

I had (and still have) a lot of confidence in the power of scale to add value to an ad network.

The bigger the userbase, the more targeting opportunities you have.

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